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Copay Accumulators: Costly Consequences of a New Cost ...

(1 year ago) Let’s kick off 2018 with a Last Jedi-themed look at copay accumulator programs—a benefit design option that I expect to become highly controversial this year. ... (also called copay cards or coupons) that cover a beneficiary’s out-of-pocket costs and/or deductible for a brand-name specialty drug. ... insurance should offer protection if ...

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Co-pay accumulators: A force to be reckoned with in 2019 ...

(13 days ago) Generic option or no, for PBMs and payers the outcome is the same. Coupon cards force them to cover more medications, often pricey specialty ones, by maxing out patients’ deductibles. Once one insurance company rolled out this [co-pay accumulator] program, all the major PBMs did exactly the same thing.

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Seniors Forced to Pay More for Prescription Drugs with ...

(3 days ago) An added benefit is that the coupon amount is still counted toward the patient’s prescription drug deductible. So, patients pay less out of pocket for drugs and they can still meet their deductibles – so insurance companies will pay claims. Recently, several U.S. insurance companies are adding copay accumulators to their insurance plans.

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Copay Accumulators: The Deductible Double-Dip | Managed ...

(5 days ago) Prohibiting manufacturer coupons from counting toward the deductible prolongs the time patients pay for their medications before their coverage begins while the insurer continues to collect copays from manufacturers. ... have called on insurance commissioners and attorneys general across all fifty states to investigate accumulator programs ...

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Understanding Copay Accumulators - FamilyWize

(4 days ago) Many insurance companies are adding copay accumulators to their insurance plans. Ignoring the fancy name, this means that those plans will no longer count manufacturer coupons of any kind toward the patient’s deductible.

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They're called 'co-pay accumulators,' and they're a way ...

(8 months ago) Are co-pay accumulators a response to crazy-high drug prices, or are drug companies' coupon programs a response to crazy-high deductibles and co-pays? For most patients, it's a meaningless question.

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Copay Accumulators: The Deductible Double-Dip | P&T Community

(6 days ago) With the pervasive entry of copay accumulator programs, patients find themselves, yet again, pawns in the pricing battle between payers and pharma. ... They argue co-pay coupons were a necessary response to insurers ramping up copays and deductibles, making access to therapy unaffordable. ... have called on insurance commissioners and attorneys ...

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Insurer, Pharma Split on Copay Coupon Accumulator Programs

(3 days ago) The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)’s recent ad campaign takes aim at so-called copay accumulator programs, whereas America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) contends that drug manufacturers’ copay coupons are the bigger problem.

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